life is for living. hair is for dyeing.

ok, so, after the usual rootbleaching and general periodic hairwrecking with the “extra light reddish blonde” which doesn’t come out that light at all, i have this in deep coral to put on after, it’s semi-perm but on my hair, it’ll last. i might have to cut off a significant bunch of hair to make this work, but i’m well qualified, there were years and years i never let anyone but me touch my hair ’cause i’m the only one that knows my hair, and my hair’s not normal hair. i remember this ex of mine, one time he was complaining he couldn’t get his hair to do what he wanted and i was all, well, mine does what i want and he said yeah, well, it’s afraid of you.

damn skippy.

6 thoughts on “life is for living. hair is for dyeing.

  1. it’s not even that bright. but i have enough to do it one more time, maybe that’ll help. can’t hurt.

  2. LOL at the thought of your hair being afraid of you. I can see it cowering in a corner of the bathroom, saying “No! No more dye! NO! AIYEEEEeeee!”

  3. there’s a great deal of it doing that right now. i shed like a big red dawg and yet still have all this hair. i’m a hairmonster, is what i am.

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