miss interpretation

i often wish for the ability to reliably explain my self and have that work out as in message received. but no. it’s always a process of fits and starts, of mistakes and retractions, of reacting to reactions that i didn’t expect because the reactions reflect something i didn’t mean to say in the first place. it’s better with time to think, to compose, but even then, even if i take hours editing and clarifying and distilling the essesnces it’s still like beaming a greeting into an alien civilization and it turns out ‘greetings from earth nice to meet you’ translates phonetically into the equivalent of ‘your mother fucks transients for a couple swigs of night train’.

so i suppose the upside is when i’m in fullon inspired mode and not writing anything directly to anyone just expressing things generally, there is this abstract feel about it and that’s been called poetic, which i’ve always found odd since to me it’s just the most basic journalism, just me reporting the facts as i see ’em, as plain and direct as i can manage.

and there is so much more than i can say, since it must be said with these words which are of course defined by other words and all of this is contained within flat spaces, screens and pages, while these things i have to express possess additional dimensions, depth and extent that is not available within this thing we call language. sometimes i think i should have gone into physics instead, i have ideas like mulitdimensional arrays plotted in curved spacetime and illustrated in terms of spectral frequencies. i understand these things by the way they displace the living energy within me, in fact this phenomenon is the source of many things i perceive and cannot explain, you might call it an extra sense, though it isn’t extraneous at all. and i can be on fire vivid eloquent and describe what i envision to perfection, and it is received as an abstraction from almost any other perspective, a symbol without a referent.

and you know, i can’t complain. in the course of trying to explain i’ve found a truth, that is, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

something in what i just attempted to express has resonance in this, in a way, not one i can explain:

what it is

there’s a purpose, there’s a goal,
there’s a virtuos, and immoral,
there’s a reason for all of this,
and I don’t know what it is

I am one, and plural too,
I accept them but they exclude,
I could make sense of all of this,
but I don’t know what it is

the seeds of inspiration never germinated in my mind,
the beacon of awakening is somewhere that I can’t find, so
I don’t know what it is

there’s a beginning, and there’s an end,
there’s a climax, some would contend,
there’s a way to signify this,
but I don’t know what it is

~greg graffin, bad religion

7 thoughts on “miss interpretation

  1. I have to admit that it’s early and the only thing I really understand here is the part oabout my mother fucking transients for swigs of night train.

    That’s not true at all.

    My mother actually drinks Mad Dog 20/20.

  2. i’m not the only one getting lost in translation:

    When Coca-Cola first entered the Chinese market in 1928, they had no official representation of their name in Mandarin. They needed to find four Chinese characters whose pronunciations approximated the sounds “ko-ka-ko-la” without producing a nonsensical or adverse meaning when strung together as a written phrase. (Written Chinese employs about 40,000 different characters, of which about 200 are pronounced with sounds that could be used in forming the name “ko-ka-ko-la.”) While Coca-Cola was searching for a satisfactory combination of symbols to represent their name, Chinese shopkeepers created signs that combined characters whose pronunciations formed the string “ko-ka-ko-la,” but they did so with no regard for the meanings of the written phrases they formed in doing so. The character for wax, pronounced “la,” was used in many of these signs, resulting in strings that sounded like “ko-ka-ko-la” when pronounced but conveyed nonsensical meanings such as “female horse fastened with wax,” “wax-flattened mare,” or “bite the wax tadpole” when read.
    source: snopes.com

  3. …The more bored I became
    with my unacceptable person,
    the more I returned to the theme of my person;
    worst of all,
    I kept painting myself to myself
    in the midst of a happening.
    What an idiot (I said to myself
    a thousand times over) to perfect all that craft
    of description and describe only myself,
    as thought I had nothing to show but my head,
    nothing better to tell than the mistakes of a lifetime…

    from one of my favorite poems by Pablo Neruda.

    My first time here (via 1000words.net). Great entry by the way. Oh and you gave me my first laugh of the day with the French. *wink*

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