more damn bugs than you can shake a camera at

there is an infestation of spiders here tonight. ok, two. and one of ’em isn’t big enough to get a picture of. but the other one?

mmhmm, it’s skinny but it’s a good three times the other spider’s size, and i didn’t even get that close. yet. might be scrambling up on the table any minute now, i … sigh.

and speaking of bugs, chrispy is officially found art. and offtopic yet related, i have a picture and story on 1000words.

and now i’m going to climb on the furniture with my camera.

4 thoughts on “more damn bugs than you can shake a camera at

  1. no, the bug is actually the scarier thing there. however he’s still around and i’m still getting pictures of his alien-looking ass. i’m thinking of trying to get a picture of him sitting on my hand.

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