my only hope

see that puff of smoke in the distance? that’s my only hope. the landlord’s selling the property the house has to be inspectable by tomorrow it’s a mess have i mentioned the mess? and it’s only me to clean it.

so if the wind picks up and goes in the absolutely opposite direction of normal and the brushfire spreads like wildfire and takes out the house? that would be okay. not the whole neighborhood, i just need a good stray ember. i’m ready. i can get my computer out the door in seconds. i know just what i’d grab in case of fire. i am prepared.

bring it on.

7 thoughts on “my only hope

  1. “I love the smell of Napalam in the morning”.

    “Do you surf son?”‘

    Apocalypse now.


  2. You think that’s supposed to be funny? Bread only falls on the flor with it’s butterside down young lady.

    “don’t need any weather reports to know if the wind is blowing…”
    -from bruce springsteen

  3. yeah, well the madman only crosses the water on alternating tuesdays, so that blows your breadfall theory right out of the frying pan.

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