october fifteenth

not a record by any means, but still. so many messes to clean up. so not very much time but enough, definitely enough. well, has to be enough, more or less.

opened up a can o’ whoop ass this morning, breakfast not necessary was back to the sleep-eating thing last night, maybe preparing for the fact i went ahead and said whether any of the rich people in chris’s life buy the place we live in, that i plan on making the sixty day notice we received my own personal moveout date. october fifteenth.

7 thoughts on “october fifteenth

  1. HOLY Crap!!! Good for you.. I think that is an amazing step for you. Let me know if I can help/support or anything

  2. *hugs* liz. if you need us. just drop us a line. ok. not sure what we can do from ways over here but wheatever we can, we will.

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