pixels. and lots of ’em.

my daughter lives in a hotbed of subversivity.

all that glitters is … my daughter:

radical bumperstickers, peaceful garden. sigh. perfect roommates.

and they totally had a big ole wowflower out there too:

and i broke my gallery page. because i was woozytired and my new text editor is busily sucking my ass just not the way i like it and therefore … it’s broke. and i’m going to beddybye. i’ll fix it, don’t worry.

6 thoughts on “pixels. and lots of ’em.

  1. That’s a beautiful picture of Amanda being all glittery. You should be proud of her for being such a perfect California girl and of yourself for being her mother.

  2. wow. wow. juts. umm. wow beautiful pictures liz. so you fix gallery page yet? :oD and is this the new camera. did you ever figure out what happened with the old one?

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