smoking is boring

but there are lotsa shiny things in the parking lot:

realize that when you’re doing stuff like taking pictures of yourself in the rims of trucks and porsches and in windows and stuff? people look at you funny. probably it’s why i do it, at least part of the reason.

7 thoughts on “smoking is boring

  1. Be careful taking pictures of people’s cars. I had a lady get really pissed at me for taking pix of her Mercedes once, screamed at me in a grocery store parking lot.

  2. i dare any of those wussy-ass westlakeans to yell at me for taking pictures of their fancy-ass cars. actually, most westlakeans fear me, for i am pierced, punky coloured, and have been known to wear combat boots with dresses.

    everything is beige there. it’s the law. it’s like the caucasian capital of the universe.

  3. also i have been known to yell out my window “mercedes is not the german word for right of way”. it’s ok, they can’t hear me.

  4. gah, i remember the snobs of Westlake. but even so, seeing your pictures of the beach reminds me that there are parts of Southern California that i miss.

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