the good gloves

with every box of haircolor product, there are gloves. there are sucky gloves that are terribly thin and barely make it through one usage, and then there are the good gloves. the good gloves are thick, stretchy, sturdy. they are quite wonderful. they only come with the high dollar haircolor, the feria for instance. but the elcheapo colorstay, that has the sucky gloves.

well, for this particular episode of hairmadness, i’ll be using the sucky kind, even when i move on from the rootbleaching to the punky colour. three uses, maybe four, out of gloves barely good enough for one.

the good gloves? i have at least two pair of slightly used good gloves, and about four pairs i haven’t even touched yet. i’m not sure what i’m saving them for, but they’re there.

2 thoughts on “the good gloves

  1. The Gloves I worry about are the ones the proctologist wears. Especially when she has cold hands.


  2. Those gloves never seem to fit my hands. And the fingertips are too wide, bending in all directions while applying the dye..
    But it will be worth it— post the new you!!!!

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