there are always spiders

… the ones you see, and the ones you don’t see.

i’m seeing this one, yes i am. he is making his way across the wall in front of me at ceiling level. my camera had killed its batteries and reset itself to just hq images, and so i was on 640×480 when he was at my level. whatsisname says “don’t climb on the table”. i bet the table would hold me, he’s just being an asshole. well mr. spider’s almost to the corner and i can stand on a chair we know chairs hold me we won’t even ask about the chair will we, no sir these are my fears i’m determined to face them.

now you see, that was two, two, two fears in one. heights and spiders. i’m still scared witless but i can get the macro mode to focus better than this, however making my hands not shake is another matter entirely. i’m goin’ back up there though.

ok. this is standing on the arm of a couch with one very wobbly leg (the couch, not me, my legs wanted to wobble but i wouldn’t let ’em), balancing with one hand on a wobbly bookcase, extending my arm almost all the way out, and don’t forget the double fearwhammy thang i had going.

my hair is crawling my skin is standing on end. oh man. i wanted to kill him, but at some point it began to seem … rude. and i kept trying to get better shots, better focus, even though in zoom/macro, handsteadiness really matters and i was getting worse, not better. after the last batch, well, he vanished, last seen right over my couch heading south. which is fine i wasn’t planning on sleeping … ever.

13 thoughts on “there are always spiders

  1. Matt had a spider crawling on his back earlier this morning.

    Anyway, the real point of my comment is this – does your camera, being an Olympus and all, take CR-V3 batteries? If so, the special digital batteries made by (I think) Energizer (they come in the blue/silver packaging) seem to be the best… I have been using them for a while and they last and last… I was going through 4 AA batteries a day for a while… the CR-V3 batteries I switched to work a lot better. AND they’re a little cheaper than the ones actually made by Olympus…. AND they are easier to find.

    Just a thought…

  2. holy synchronicity batman!!! just the other day i got driven out of my man-cave [what my wife calls the office in the basement where the imac dwells] by a 5 incher of exactly the same genus!!! [it’s the common wolf spider, otherwise known as the household spider, yes?] he literally dropped from the ceiling onto my computer desk with a thud, like the sound a leather glove makes when it falls on a table top! i had to run out of there, shaking and sweating. then i felt something land on my head and i screamed like a little girl — but it was just a huge moth. anyway now i can’t find the damn thing under all the crap in my office…and i keep getting scared it’s going to creep up on me when i’m not looking. so, sorry i haven’t emailed in a while.

  3. PS — too bad you didn’t put a familiar object like a baseball mitt or something next to it, to give an idea of scale. for all i know that little guy could be the size of a dime, or a quarter, or a half dollar, or a greenback…

  4. actually i have a very good macro mode and if i go SHQ i can easily take the images from 1600×1200 to 2000×1500 without losing any quality, then i can crop them to the size you see there, and this macro mode involves being fully zoomed and inces away from the subject, so … he was maybe, maybe two inches fully stretched out legs included. and i think he’s a type of sac spider, also he resembled a parson’s spider.

    sac spiders are thought to be the source of most household spider bite cases, and are rarely very bad. however they hunt at night and will wander quite a long way looking for food or other spiders to do the spider wild thing with, so … *ahem* yes, i spent several hours poring over every arachnid site i could find instead of risk going to sleep with a potentially horny, hungry spider on the prowl…

    funny thing is i’ve been bit twice by recluses, and though there was minor necrotizing, hardly any other ill effects — fleas and mosquitoes i hardly even show a bump, i’ve been stung in the foot by a wasp and by morning didn’t even remember till someone asked me how it felt — i’m basically very resistent to insect venom. and i’m scared out of my mind of them anyway.

  5. Just think, while you’re sleeping that spider is crawling around probably down your shorts and stuff.

  6. but he was such a good arachnid-model. he put up with a lot before he decided to hide out. i had that camera right in his little spiderface and the flash going off and … he didn’t jump on me or fling himself somewhere that would creep me out, he just cruised along the wall, no hurry, just having a stroll. over to where i sleep.

  7. Honey, Spiders are so busy eating the other bugs (like mosquitos, etc) they don’t even know we are there. Cool shots though.. Damn cool

  8. I had a spider that size crawl within my view in the house. Unnatural.

    I didn’t have sense enough to grab the camera. I was too busy looking for a heavy shoe.

  9. He he, you call that little thing a spider?

    My cats are frightened of the spiders in the bush at the back of the house here. When we first moved here, the cats went ‘a huntin’ at night, but they only went out ONCE. The biggest ones around here were used in the film Araknid, they are kind of hairy and about six to eight inches across and about 10 inches long. The medium ones are the best, really scary looking, jet black shiny legs and bodies, they look “evil”. Then there are the smaller ones about 3 to 4 inches long, they are brown with a hugh variety of colourations on the bodies. Almost ‘cute’, almost. None will inflict pain when they bite, its just annoying.

    Especially when you bring the washing, start ironing the shirts for example, you draw the iron across the shoulder and collar, the flip the arm out the coreect way, and there it is a 4 inch hairy bloody spider. Now I’m a BIG guy, but I tell you I’ll scream like an 8 year old girl and jump about a foot in the air every time.

    I guess it gives me excercise!

    AH, its nice to see that Liz has fear of something. I was begining to think she was INVINCIBLE LIZ.

    Be well. The spider won’t eat you, at least not in one sitting…….


  10. well, he came back out tonight, we hung out, i climbed up on a chair and took his picture a couple more times, he went back to wherever he goes, and i don’t even have the creepycrawlies about it. i’m living in peace with a big hairy bug somewhere. this is weird. i climb on chairs and take closeup spider pictures and let the spider go on about his business. ok this is reallyreally weird.

  11. i think… that blogs that post pictures of spiders need to have big disclaimers so I don’t get the wiggins when I surf on by. 😉 I work for a pest control company and I still get grossed out by spiders.

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