things that make a lizard happy

things like this, in which sending out one of my weird little cd creations results in a kid finding an inspiration. and this is good stuff, too – notice the glue itself is part of the piece? kid ‘gets it’, yes he does. which is just cool.

8 thoughts on “things that make a lizard happy

  1. Poor wee thing.

    Got a good dentist?

    Want me to hold yer hand?

    Tell BFG all about it.

    Crush some mint leaves and breathe the aroma, doesn’t help the tooth, but helps the nose.


  2. lizards hate dentists. we require gas and novocaine just to get our teeth cleaned. otherwise we bite.

    going to have to find the cheapest place to do either an open&medicate, or just yank the thing, on thursday.

  3. BFG’s also hate dentists, they have good teeth for one, and pretty young assistants for two and they get paid to give pain, bastards.

    I require 4 injections just to get a filling, makes my face look like it was melted by a flamethrower, it all saggs down even more than normal. Not a pretty sight, you can tell if there is enough pain killer by the look on the face of the assistant. I normally get, with out the injections a look of digust, you know the look “Look at the size of that thing, should be a law”, then with the injections its like, “Oh my god, its comming apart and it will drip all over the floor, and WHO will have to clean it up!”.

    Oh and I bite. Had to change dentists, the last one complained about his thumb, I don’t know why, it was only a small bit of blood. Barstard pressed on the tooth and said “does it hurt here ?” , I think he got the idea.


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