allow. anonymous. comments. dammit.

question: do you have your blog setup to require email addresses for comments?

if you answered no, carry on. if you answered yes, i need to have a word with you. the word is why? does it stop the trolls from trolling? does it stop the flamers from flaming? no, it just makes them make up idiotic fake email addresses, adding insult to injury, basically.

the little box in the MT preferences, the one that says ‘allow anonymous comments’ — go check it. go on. do it. because it’s a misleading little box. it gives the illusion of control — as if by unchecking it, you are somehow going to make the various cowards who troll and flame come out and identify themselves. they won’t. they can’t. they are sad, emotionally growth-stunted losers, and their little fake email addresses are just so fucking pathetic.

allow them their anonymity, it’s all they have, really. and in allowing that anonymity, freely, you prevent them from having to take it from you, insulting you in the process.

10 thoughts on “allow. anonymous. comments. dammit.

  1. i just left it at the default setting whatever that was out of sheer ignorance and laziness. to tell you the truth, i will under most circumstances go in there and create new, funnier names and email addresses for anonymous trolls anyway, such as “” or whatever.

    count on me to take the low road…

  2. yeah, for real. in the comments on my lyricbase, i put an error message for no name — “look. i have this: [ip address]. make up a name, ok?” (it screws with my comment list display if there’s no name).

  3. Screw that. They’re making up email addresses. I don’t care if they want to be anonymous, since I’ll probably just delete what they say anyway, but they’re going to have to do that extra step of making up an addy. I especially choose to do this because often, they forget and leave their real ones.

    Trolls shall have to work for it.

  4. but.. but.. i thought it would make me all mighty and powerful!?! sigh. i guess it’s time to say goodbye to the illusion of control. but. how will i gather peoples’ email addresses then?

    segue: does peoples take the apostrophe after or before the s?
    *i must admit to liking the email option…

  5. i like making it optional because, you know, why force it? i especially get annoyed when people won’t fix their cookies and i have to type the damn email addy every time. god that’s annoying.

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