escapes are inevitable. and inevitably sweet.

give me an inch of out-for-a-pack-of-cigarettes and i’ll take miles and miles. well miles. but it’ll take me an hour to go those miles, because i will wander, and when i wander, it’s almost always downtown, i’m drawn to the lights like a moth. but not one of those big furry scary ones with the bizarre fern-looking antennae, no.

the majestic ventura theatre (either owned by someone with the name of majestic, or just a finely honed sense of irony):

the century theatre, good sign bad photo:

in the window of an upscale boutique-looking place:

the sans souci, a divine dive of a place with a most excellent sign.

i am simply enchanted by the sans souci signpicture, to the extent i am compelled to upload the big picture, just as it came out of the camera, all 1600�1200 pixels of it.

3 thoughts on “escapes are inevitable. and inevitably sweet.

  1. i just wanted to clarity that, since, you know, those sorts of moths are around. somewhere. fortunately i’ve only seen pictures. but the pictures were up really really close like you could see mothdandruff. eww.

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