for the record

starting to feel just a little selfconscious about the thousands
of people who have gotten a first impression that i am a sex-starved, pottymouthed freak — no that’s not the problem, accurate first impressions are important, i just wanted to clarify things a bit.

you see, the pre-coital agreement occurred to me as i was remembering years ago, when my then-future-ex-boyfriend-to-be and i were involved in one of those heavily passionate makeout sessions, in the midst of which he stopped and said, “you don’t date small men, do you?” and i said, “no, not really, why?” and he replied, “because you might break them.”

now that’s always stuck with me, because there was some very real concern in his voice.

either that or he was in pain.

so i worry.

10 thoughts on “for the record

  1. The Liz(ard) selfconscious? Yeah right!

    I used to love you as KD, and now as Liz, you are way cool girl.

    The hair, the glasses, the red dress, wow.

    And Love the plates too.

    BFG is just a little jealous of the guys in your town, lucky lucky bastards. to quote brian.

    You still making people money, with your creations?

    Nosey BFG.

  2. here i was hoping at long last i could enjoy the friendly, easy-going company of a community of fellow sex-starved potty mouths.

    live it! love it!

  3. Sorry, so sorry! When I tapped that post, I was *assuming* (er.) that my readers, most of whom already ‘know’ you, would be the only ones following that link. …..But still, it was a brilliant piece of humor, and my God do we all need a solid belly laugh these days.

  4. Yes, I was just a troll back then, never commented, just read. found you through, a link from the original burning paper taracarcine. before she moved and stuff.

    I been around, just recently decided to open my big Fat mouth.

    You get that…

    Blessed be BFG.

  5. that’s not a troll, that’s just a lurker. lurkers are cool. trolls are those types of people who leave icky comments where they have no business doing so.

    lurking is fine, really.

  6. Je ne sais pas, bien-aime…

    Je pense que j’a march� accidentellement en bas le trou de lapin.

    Pour vous citer…

    Je suis dans l’amour….. !

    C’est possible pour les oiseau-mouches et les l�zards pour accoupler?

  7. um…pardon, cheri…

    Un terminer heureux?

    Ma tribu pr�f�r�e est…

    Vous savez que ceci va terminer mal !

    Joy Boy

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