he’s six

so, my son has a girlfriend. well, he did for a minute there. her name is kai, with a lowercase k. but then he changed his mind. because … because he’s worried she might get fat.

… back to being speechless.

6 thoughts on “he’s six

  1. oh that is so bizarre, I was encouraged to talk to a social worker named Kai yesterday….do do do do…anyhow, HE IS TOO YOUNG!!! awwww man he really is still a little thing (in my eyes) sigh, I would be freaking out if I were you

  2. Hmm sounds like someone picked up on a recent downsizing of mummy?Those darn kids pick up the things we don’t say too. down here in kiwiland, kai is the word for food in the native language of the maori. Now theres a weird connection huh….BFG

  3. hehehehe.. I was an early bloomer too, and I didn’t turn out so bad… Okay, so maybe I ain’t such a great role model.. Nevermind…

  4. you know, my coworkers and i had this discussion — three of us, all of our kids, irregardless of gender, age, and upbringing, have indicated fears/prejudices about fat people. this isn’t getting learned in these homes. but it is being learned.

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