mothra de-cocooned somewhere near the porch, this afternoon. i’m sure these would have been clearer had i not been hyperventilating and squeaking and generally carrying on like a person with a severe bugphobia. these are big pictures, huuuuge filesizes. it’s a big bug.

at first his wings were wet and kinda scriggly. he was still very big.
holyfuckingshit look at the size of that thing
eek! eek! eek! aaaaaaaaaaargh!

i wasn’t thrilled with the first batch, went to get more, and discovered mothra was unfolding rapidly.
that is a damn two-by-four he's sitting on there
yeah, just your average bug on a two by four. nothing to stress about

i wonder if he’s still out there, and how much he’s changed, and if he’s the sort of bug that would just fly in someone’s face. i’m going to go find out, because he’s a bug, and i take bugs’ pictures. it’s what i do. (breathe, breathe). ok. i’m fine.

9 thoughts on “mothra

  1. gee, girl, first spiders and now moths?? All that mountain work is doing you some serious good.

    Well, that, and the ‘auto’eroticism <g>…

  2. Hmmm, this is turning into a serious problem. Have you forgotten that Lizards eat bugs? thats what the big blue tongue is for. Slurp, crunch crunch, ahhhh.

    BFG would happily come to your place of abode and smite the nasty bugs for you, except that he lives some 10,000 miles away. Shame.

    Great pix, keep it up.

    Blessed be BFG

  3. mr. bug is sitting on a two by four there. on the “four” side of the two by four. he was a big big big big big bug. but we don’t smite bugs around here, not anymore, we live and let them live and take their pictures and deal with our fears. and to get that closeup (the original images are 1600 x 1200 and very detailed), one must be about two inches from one’s subject. even if one’s subject is creepy.

  4. ok. that be big. i hadn’t realized he was sitting on the four side. egawds. shudder. still. i find moths and spiders to be rather fascinating subjects. if a little. ‘eeep. it’s frigging huge. keep it away. eeeeep’ making. i like the last one the best.

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