10 thoughts on “public service announcement

  1. No white pants either.. Of course white pants are just wrong anyway.. but now at least you have the right to go up and hit someone for wearing them… right?

  2. i have white jeans. they make my butt look really good. sigh. if loving them is wrong, i don’t wanna be right.

  3. i think everyone saw the thumbnail and thought thighs coming out of white shorts. it’s a great trick, like when you make the crease in the side of your clenched forefinger look like an ass…apparently it was very popular among the victorians…

  4. ok, well, i did make my own thumbnail rather than just use the MT thing, so you may have a point, i might have been, oh i dunno, feelin’ a little frisky.

    been kinda really frisky lately.

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