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here we have one of the lower forms of life on the spam foodchain, a festering lump of putrescence known as the comment spammer, and a very slippery example of the species; whereas the average commentspammer bottomfeeder drops in a whole messload of links, nice and obvious, this one’s hoping you won’t notice the fact it’s an attempt to (a) get an accidental clickthrough or two and (b) artificially inflate rankings on search engine algorithms (most notably google) which measure inbound links, via the use of generic flattery. clever.

burningbird tells us about social engineering and how these clever bastards use our habits against us — good to know. nancy got a different subgenus of bottomfeeder, but they all suck the same scum.

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I agree with the author.

11 thoughts on “sneakyass bottomfeeder commentator spammer

  1. Its got so bad I can’t even open my email without some three or four people telling me I need Viagra, AS IF, I go no problem getting it up, thats the bloody problem, it just wont go down. (and no-one is willing to do me it free)

    Oh and now the other thing they tell me I need is dance drugs, delivered direct to my door. The BFG does not need drugs to party.

    I wish that I could cause a melt down in the hard disks of the spammers, Hmm, I think I will go and look up a spell or two….

    blessed be BFG.

  2. sometimes not having comments is a blessing (yeah, yeah).

    (bfg: one NTG tablet works wonders. Caution: may bottom out your blood pressure. YMMV. Objectsinthemirror… personally, I prefer your problem over the alternative <g>…)

  3. ooh I forgot about my zipcode person(s). I think it was much easier for me to just delete that random act of weirdness and not even give a second thought about the real intent behind it (or I could have just been intoxicated lol) than it was for me to ignore this recent pr0n link freak (can I swear over here?? if so I would like to add a fuckwad in there somewhere). the two times he nailed me heh, I wasn’t in the mood of course 😛 lol

  4. swear? here? profanity? well i never … stop, that is. oh, i sit here and think up new and better curse words for the motherfuckers (but sometimes a nice twelve letter reallyreally badword is the way to go, i always say).

    melted hard drives for starters, then boils, ok, BFG? big ones. in sensitive places.

  5. Hey, I’m happy to be in any club that welcomes the Lizard and me into its ranks, thankyouverymuch. But that still didn’t stop me from deleting a similar comment on my blog, if only to prevent anyone from clicking over to that weaselly spammer’s site. Bastard.

  6. i get the zipcode person at times, and a couple others, including one with a url similar to pakistanizipcodes. haven’t bothered to ban their isp or anything, not sure if that would help anyway. they must do it with bots, i can’t imagine it paying off otherwise.

  7. yeah, it’s bots, they even spoof being a browser not a bot — clever bastards.

    you know, this is a service that’s sold to greedy companies, can you imagine the sort of person who would contract to have a bot go spam message boards and blogs? i’d like to dissect one to see what they’re made of.

  8. i made the mistake of clicking on a link posted in a comments area — oh what a naif. i was instantly transported to a hell realm of inifinitely propagating popup windows of violent anal stretching, while my hard drive became instantly infested with all manner of viruses, and i had to basically smash my computer with a baseball bat [figuratively speaking] to make it stop.

    i think the link was marked, “people concerned about this issue should examine THIS ARTICLE…”

  9. oh yeah that picture from from

    the popup version is … not something you want to click at work. oh god no. been there, done that.

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