take my tongue, it’s cocked and loaded

You hear me say this don’t make any sense As I hop up and over the fence Hooked on nicotine and phonics Fun like macro economics Still and quiet like they taught us Fun like macro economics Vigilante thoughts and a cheap guitar I am my own movie star I don’t know you I don’t want to I don’t know you I don’t want to
eve 6, tongue tied

could quote lyrics all nightlong and possibly express everything but then again maybe not, since it would be impossible to include enough context, and with me with music it’s always contextual. the elaborate process by which these things become one with the soundtrack adds anything from nuances to entirely alternative meanings to these things i quote, and yet, and yet …

Pacific Sun, you should have warned us, it gets so cold here.
And the night can freeze, before you set it on fire.

And our flares go unnoticed.
Dimminished, faded just as soon as they are fired.

We are, we are, intrigued. We are, we are, invisible.

Oh, how we’ve shouted, how we’ve screamed, take notice, take interest, take me with you.

But all our fears fall on deaf ears.

Tonight, they’re burning the roads they built to lead us to the light.
And blinding our hearts with their shining lies,
while closing our caskets cold and tight. But I’m dying to live.
dashboard confessional,
several ways to die trying

Something ’bout the whiteness of the
Something ’bout the Genius of Modern Music
How can I think
How can I fail you?
Something ’bout the distance to the nerve
Something ’bout white hands of fate I don’t deserve
The bedroom ghosts
the posies, love letter boxes

between the posies and the dashboard confessional there were things starting
seeming like damn good ideas the eve6 is a little mentally healthier for me
at the moment.

How much longer will I try
before I realize I’m desperate in the situation
that I’m in again I’m exhausting yet another topic
I’ve exhausted frequently with no regrets.
eve 6, how much longer

my life is mostly dreamt in the textures my speakers spin around me and i live in a world where the surreal sensation of the loss of these latest dreams fades into a fantasy in which there … in which there is … there is no loss (but there is always kansas)

I’m woven in a fantasy, I can’t believe the things I see
The path that I have chosen now has led me to a wall
And with each passing day I feel a little more like something dear was lost
It rises now before me, a dark and silent barrier between,
All I am, and all that I would ever want be
It’s just a travesty, towering, marking off the boundaries my spirit would erase
� � � � �
And though it’s always been with me, I must tear down the Wall and let it be
All I am, and all that I was ever meant to be, in harmony
Shining true and smiling back at all who wait to cross
kansas, the wall

yes there is. yes there is. yes there is. but nice try. nothing uplifting lasting long here in the spaces where the constant chatter obviates the answer, which is here, has been here, patient waiting for the first silent moment

If you could see all the roads I have travelled towards
Some unusable last equilibrium.
Run like an athlete and die like a dead beaten speed freak,
An answer to all of the answers to yes.

If I wait for an answer,
Will the silence be broken?
Do we wait for an answer?
Do we leave it unspoken?
yes, tempus fugit

the answer, the answer is no.

change changing places
root yourself to the ground
capitalize on this good fortune
one word can bring you round
yes, changes

and in spite of the answer everything is different and nothing has changed and this is endless and finished, now and forever.

All the foolish notions: When we’ll die that’s all that is.
We can never really understand the broken promises.
All along we run together (Remember?)
All along we run as one (Remember?)
When you find a perfect union, you’ve got to follow it.
yes, holding on

but the answer, the answer is no.

all of this in context and symbolic and filtered through my consciousness days or decades ago in ways i cannot ever explain, so it does express exactly what i meant, but only to me.

sorry about that

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