words and pictures

imagine a photograph of
the recent past processed
with imbalanced chemistry
into 1000 slurred words
of revisionist history
rendered artistically

better than remembering
the illusive truths
lost in the circumstances
and the vastness
of the spaces
in between
the lines

given what was
left unsaid

in return
an answer

yes, i am less
than willing but
i find i must,
so i will:

listen carefully
this whisper will only be
forced once from me, twisted through my
tightened throat, there,
there, i did it, dammit,
i did admit it,

did you
hear it?

~(me) 09.12.03

10 thoughts on “words and pictures

  1. i just wrote another one too. took about fourteen minutes. it started as i made the u-turn to park the car, i hurried inside sat down clicked notepad started typing. got to a point pasted it into a different windwow one more edit then one more little one and that was it.

    however i am even more iffy about that one than this so i am still contemplating it. i used to take hours days years. what’s my hurry?

  2. no, sometimes it just comes to you. my best stuff just magically appears in my head and if i get to notepad quick enough, it evolves. for the life of me i just can’t sit down and write something, it has to “appear” first LOL!

  3. mmhmm, for me it’s a first line. it hooks into me like a fishhook in the scalp and tugs and tugs and i have to drop everything and grab whatever – overdraft notice, cocktail napkin, inner forearm, and what, no pen? hell i’ve written stuff in eyebrow pencil.

    it happens, it just … whoosh. but usually i will sit ans obsess for hours. for ever even. nowadays it’s like, well, 15 – 30 minutes. so trippy. so unlike me. or maybe i’m like this now, and should stop saying that.

  4. the fast poetry just happened. but the fast putting it out here is a conscious effort.

    but hiding things is not the point of this place.

  5. you know there’s an mp3 player under the “we play around” section (if you have IE on a PC that is, and windows media, i’m sorry anything else was too complicated)

    always need a soundtrack.

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