channeling lava

baptism by fire extinguished consumed with torrential rage & i swallow my bitter lesson poison & spiritual emetic alike & nature of course takes no chances vomits ash & stench & molten granite & iron into the clarity of the gaseous myth-ridden separation of our latter half-lives & shows you winter just like me nuclear & i stand back hold back hold on hold what i can & until i can no longer stand & laugh like bells rattle bones & confess yes this has been my most realistic simulation so far & funny thing i think i had you for a minute there i did didn’t i?

it’s not really poetry, unless it is, and it’s either completely finished or not even close to it.

i wonder what it says.

3 thoughts on “channeling lava

  1. it wasn’t a volcano when i built it. more like a nice benign … geyser. you know, harmless little exciting bit of explosive geologic instability, how was i supposed to know?


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