die commentspammers die

i mean it. really. clutch your slimy little thoraxes and keel over already. may as well, considering the epic amount of geekery being directed in your direction at the moment. yeppers, may as well give up and go away quietly. oh sure, it ain’t over yet, but let’s just say the big-boned lady is warming up backstage, ya dig?

ok, yeah, i have some issues with this. issues. i have issues. and can i mix an obfuscated metaphor or two, or what? sorry, i’m a little woozy from life & stuff. but i’m up for this, oh you betcha.

in english:
Jay Allen has written a plugin.

here is more information on my plans for world domination the implementation of this plugin on this server. i was a little babbly there too, but i’ve linked the documentation (it’ll say “related article” at the bottom of the post, that’s the stuff)

4 thoughts on “die commentspammers die

  1. and rolling. god it feels so fucking good to be doing something about these motherfuckers. oh god yes. it’s … wheee. it’s like that.

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