one last small vanilla cigar one last beer before disconnect. it’s tuesday right? ok. seems the last several days, they merged they blended hell they were fucking frappéd dude. days like one long wild-eyed pasteurized homogenized grade a freakout. show. freaksomething, i don’t know. and. now. finally. ready. ready did i say ready? i meant some other word, something involving the force of circumstances and may i say i am quite sick to death of circumstances at this point?

and if you thought under the couch was crazy, do you know what happens under a refrigerator over the course of a decade or so? i’ll tell you what happens. unimaginable horror is what happens.

7 thoughts on “disconnection

  1. Vanilla cigar? MMMM. The shit under the fridge is disgusting to say the least…while you are at it…run a bleach-filled rag around the rubber seal and kill everything that lives in there. It might save you a buck-er-two on your electric bill. [Promptly going to check under MY fridge]

  2. Damn – that’s like Creep Show – you ever see that?

    That could be some sci fi movie landscape. You should put little Star Wars figures in there and begin filming at once!!

  3. at last! my new desktop wallpaper

    you have to vacuum the floor vent frequently — otherwise eventually the main refrigerator coil burns out from not getting enough airflow. ours got clogged after only a few months of copious doghair getting sucked in, and we had to spend $300 to replace it…

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