heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeee

i am so barely online. my computer is in my car and it doesn’t even have a table to sit on yet and a bookshelf has to be moved first and it can’t come in without a table which would go where the bookcase is which is full of books, and my computer is in my car have i mentioned i’m on my roommates scary unfamiliar computer it doesn’t like me i can feel its animosity towards me my computer loves me, have i mentioned my computer is not hooked up to anything at all it’s … it’s in my car? because it is.

hold me i’m scared.

5 thoughts on “heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeee

  1. i made the cursors on skins 6, 7, and 8, but i stopped myself before i went and did 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. though they do need their own cursors. and … it’s only really four because two of them are the same because something weird happened and … i forget.

    i need my computer. it’s … there’s still no table. no table, books on shelves, i need my computer i miss my computer i’ve been off my computer since seven o’clock this morning. i got up at seven. in the morning. and disconnected my computer. this is hell isn’t it? i’m dead, and this is hell. it’s the only explanation.

  2. but i think this is a nineteen inch monitor. i want to adjust it. it needs adjusting dammit. oh god and this thing needs a spyware bath baaaaad it’s hopping with vermin. hopping i tell you.

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