how to drown on dry land

ashfallen the feeling bonebleached
beneath dirty blonde sun harsh
heat soft dry light thick
friction fills the eyes raw
silence fills the lungs slow elegant
stillness in the shape of a living
being vanishing under layer after
delicate layer shallow like skin hollow
a shell a girl torn
like a hole in her own
after all

(reporting live from fiery southern california)

heat & light

11 thoughts on “how to drown on dry land

  1. how close are you liz? i’m near lax and it smelled like a fire outside yesterday and now, 4:20 p,m, it looks like we’re still affected. but not really because our homes are not threatened. how ’bout you?

  2. I heard today about a man who worked close to where the fires were….he came home and showered and at first the water running into the drain was black from the ash that stuck to his skin.

    Then I heard how three fires just may merge into one SUPER FIRE [whatever that is–I can only imagine] and I hope all is well with you and do you have an internet line yet?

    Or does that even matter at this point?

  3. i’m at mechele’s, she has internet and is napping. i am still working on having a hookup to call … sort of almost my own. and aside from the thick icky ash raining from the mustard-colored sky and the smell and all, i’m safe and things are not un-okay.

  4. I like the rhythm, you know? It carries. It’s got temperature. It’s got condition, sensibility. Human body and nature. It ends great!! And sometimes that’s the hardest part – and the most defining, you know?

  5. i just counted ’em — ten pages, five sheets of notebook paper written up down sideways folded over start again in the middle around the edge — ten pages of scribbles to come up with … 66 words.

    it started sunday afternoon and wasn’t finished till yesterday morning. when i came over here. to mechele’s. just for a minute. i’m still here.

    at least it’s a dry heat.

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