i am trying.

i cannot bitch i should not whine i will not vent i will keep my fucking mouth shut for once i will i have to i really really do. no matter what. whatever. i do however have a word: unbearable.

almost. almost but not quite.

14 thoughts on “i am trying.

  1. i have this overwhelming feeling that everyone is more than sick of me and my disaster du jour and i am sick of hang in there and it gets better and don’t worry and i am sicker still of the sound of my own voice and in unrelated news i am fairly sure this is the super-hyper-neon-reddest dye job i’ve ever done but it’s still wet and i should have been somewhere a while ago but then all this shit happened all this shit always happens so i go, oh yeah? yeah? well that does it. the hair gets it.

    the hair better have got it. if it doesn’t turn out crazy enough there’s no telling what’ll happen to it next. no telling.

  2. it’s about halfway to where i want it. i have to get batteries fo the camera. and some of the stronger stuff, either i’ll stick with this red or use the hot pink the combination of which would totally work.

  3. welllll … let’s just say it’s completely different now. that red wasn’t really working, so i … completely different.

  4. i think i should have gone with that haircolor. however this one’s pretty interesting too, will be moreso as it fades and i refresh it with some violet punky colour or manic panic type temporary stuff, it’s still verrrrry dark.

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