i have no idea where to begin

except i do, i am all about beginnings but each thing has its own such a long boring story explaining it getting this way and the way things change every instant (on the toes, gotta keep on the toes) so basically what we have here now.today is the tequila.oj breakfast with the daughter and the box of pictures on the sunny (ocean viewable) balcony (there will be a gallery for these it will be fun yes) the moving again this time to a futon near the beach (place with the ocean viewable balcony) and the time it takes to take some time and begin again and i wonder if they realize i’m gonna put webcams in the toilets? oh not really. ok maybe. no i’m kidding. of course i am.

14 thoughts on “i have no idea where to begin

  1. when you say webcams in “the” toilets do you mean at your new place, at the place you’re leaving, or somewhere public?

    i’ve always wanted to break into show business……….

  2. at the new … nowhere. i’m not going to put any webcams in any toilets. ha! ha! i’m very funny. i would never, ever do such a thing. even though the five (i think) twenty-somethings i’m going to be sharing this huge place by the beach probably wouldn’t even notice mind.

  3. ooh, i smell an income opportunity here. what’s that house the john styne [cockybastard] has? think about it. no need to tell the twentysomethings.

  4. I don’t think you need to say anything. it just goes without saying that if you were to move in, you’d be bringing your bathroom cams with you.

  5. unless there are plumbing problems, and wires discovered and so forth. not that i would do that. because i wouldn’t. it would just be wrong.

  6. An ocean view? Hmmm… kinda jealous. Embarrassed to say I haven’t seen the ocean in days………..wrongful…………perhaps I should hop in the car under the moonlight and venture out….I think I shall.

  7. sort of a view. like, on a clear day you can see a patch of something resembling an ocean. but hey. close enough for me.

    and yeah, go see the ocean! it’s important.

  8. mmm… ocean. i live 15 miles away and haven’t seen it in–oh, at least a year or two. so back to the bathroom cams–i’m thinking about doing a webcam version of the tv show ‘starting over’. got me a life coach and everything. do you think people would be interested in the self-makeover of a 50-something?

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