i’m not antisocial. they’re antitechnical.

the cable internet is configured for USB but it has to be uninstalled reinstalled to use ethernet and then the 1.45.6 (or maybe .7 or maybe downgrade to 1.44 or was it 1.42 ) Official Firmware on the BEFSR41 has to be upgraded (flashed) re: known issues with adelphia service there were people who couldn’t make it run others reported their routers ‘happy as drunken squirrels’ i do not think i want my router drunk or squirrely. i may be wrong.

without internet into my computer i have 20 email accounts or some shit yeah yeah i know don’t even go there i need them ok there are reasons good ones but i can’t check them webmail it would take all night / day / week / i’m dead without my email / i don’t give a fuck. she thinks i’ll break the computer and you know what? i will. i usually do break things before i fix them i see this as no exception except this time with external panic source double my pleasure double my fun fuck i don’t really care anymore and you know what else? what the problem is? fucking end users. yeah i’m one sure sure in some ways yeah i am but then again not really and anyway i’m talking about the end users i have lived with throughout my tech career i mean end users that see everything i do computing as some frivolous something nevermind the fact everything i do is everything i’ve learned and everything i will and there are people who will never understand and they do their level best to help me spend more time off the computer and then wonder why i don’t make enough money and in fact suspect i actually do not make any money. yeah. and so i’m damned if i do and screwed if i don’t and i don’t give a fuck anymore.

you know how when i’m fussy & bummed how you all tell me how talented and whatnot i am well there are people who no matter how hard i try to convey that have no idea will never have one don’t see and won’t see what my internet friends see and so they react to any minute i spend on a computer like i’m just playing not doing anything worthwhile because you know it’s if it’s fun i should either get off the computer or do something unfun on it? i don’t get it and i don’t give a fuck anymore.

you know how you’re supposed to find something you love to do and find a way to get paid for it? don’t do it. fuck it. everyone will accuse you of fucking goofing off and tell you you spend too much time doing what you love and you should go spend more time doing shit you don’t love.

i’m not antisocial they’re antitechnical.

have i mentioned i just don’t give a fuck anymore? because i don’t. give a fuck. anymore.

7 thoughts on “i’m not antisocial. they’re antitechnical.

  1. yeah, well i say, fuck those fucking fucks.

    i would have to describe myself as a LUser, but i know full well that without you i’m nothing.

    hope you get your routing problems solved to your liking soon.

    damn, i just sent out my monthly check to somebody else who probably needs it less than you. fuck. are you about to get evicted?

  2. I have always loved I.T. folks. They let me get away with such weird antics and they come pic up the pieces when I hose my computer at work.

  3. I say you are right to tell them to fuk off… yOU not only love what you do, you do it better than 900 other monkeys out there. SO do it, do it do it, and don’t stop. Cause it makes you happy, and fufilled, and to me, that is all that matters. A fufilled liz is a beautiful liz.

  4. liz you back yet? i got cable now, just waiting til you’re settled to write back to you. i check your blog at least once a day regularly….

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