microsoft does not send updates via email

so if you get an official looking email from microsoft telling you to run the attached file, it’s not from microsoft. it’s a virus writer social engineering you into installing a worm/virus on your computer. it’s the easiest way, you know, get people to do it to themselves, that way it cuts down on the code you have to write. more information here

beware social engineering.

5 thoughts on “microsoft does not send updates via email

  1. I’ve received at least two to three hundred of this exact “notification” on one of my yahoo accounts. Haven’t been tempted to download a single one, though the fact that I’m on a mac means i’m not in much danger. irritating in the extreme.

  2. even the email headers are spoofed pretty well on this one.

    i just got another different one, telling me some mail was undeliverable, and that it was attached. yeah, i’m gonna open an .exe file thinking it’s email, sure, why wouldn’t an .exe file be a nice harmless email?

    sometimes social engineering is just plain insulting to the intelligence.

  3. i actually know someone, you ran it, downloaded it their computers and even checked the “yes i agree to have this virus installed on my computer”*


  4. oh no way. *sigh* it does look fairly realistic but really, aren’t we all kinda suspicious of executable email attachments yet?

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