okay then.

kid: mommy, can i tell you something?
me: what?
kid: god’s real !
me: um. ¿what?
kid: ¡¡ god’s real !!. i was sitting in my room and one of my toys went [insert toy sound]. i heard it! it’s god! god’s real!
me: …

11 thoughts on “okay then.

  1. Fantastic. kurtwood and that toy will end up as one of those sites that christian pilgrims travel to from all over. If you charge an entry fee your financial woes might be eliminated. Go ahead and paint the virgin mary on a taco. It will add to the atmosphere around the house for when the devoted arrive.

    p.s. did you move yet?

  2. ‘nother week or so. by the 15th or before, somewheres around there.

    and what do you mean *paint* the virgin mary on a taco? i thought all tacos had religious icons on them? all of these tacos here do. is that unusual?

  3. i think i see elvis in an orange pringle’s potato chip. now that, that’s something. wonder what i can get for it on ebay.

  4. i love kids…heard god did he? 🙂 it reminded me of my little boy when he was about 3…i sent him to play in the bedroom while i prepared dinner and he asked how long til it was ready. i said, “a little while.” he disappeared in the hall for about 10 seconds, came back out and said, “mommy? did you know that a little while is a long time?”

  5. That God’s a crafty fella. He’s been known to turn up in stranger places. I like your son very much; not because he heard God, but because he’s inclined to tell somebody. That speaks volumes about you, dear liz, and tell Kurtwood that he made my heart warm and dressed my face inna smile today.

  6. damn…it’s been awhile, but i remember when i heard and saw god frequently too. then grownups completely screwed it up by telling me who ‘god’ was, and he was this other guy and there was this book and stuff. sadly, instead of going ‘what kind of bullshit is that? that’s not god!’ i instead went ‘oh — okay.’

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