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heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeee

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i’m not antisocial. they’re antitechnical.

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the last spider

… picture from the old house. it’s a fresh young spider, similar to that really alien-looking green guy, but kinda different too.

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one last small vanilla cigar one last beer before disconnect. it’s tuesday right? ok. seems the last several days, they merged they blended hell they were fucking frapp├ęd dude. days like one long wild-eyed pasteurized homogenized grade a freakout. show.

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all my energy is spent again but i can’t remember where or when so i crawl back where i should have been to tell the truth it’s more than energy that’s being spent … shoulda gave it away tired the

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die commentspammers die

in which i engage in a little geek-trash-talking before getting to work assisting the less geeky with this plugin

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without a clue

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i have nothing against vaudeville.

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