power to the people!

spirited protesters outside von’s — manning, womaning, and childing the picket lines with amazing energy. i’ll get my toilet paper elsewhere (later – i blew my toilet-paper-buying window of time taking pictures)

so, i don’t quite have the hang of low light pictures (and lack a tripod, and am generally wobbly), so this is like, artsy-blurry, ok?

so i ended up crossing the street to get a better picture. here we have some von’s employees, their kids, and a random stranger that happened by and decided to join the fun. if i hadn’t had dinner getting cold and soggy in my car i might have joined ’em too.

striker: where are those pictures going?
me: on the internet!
striker: cool! where!
me: sigh. it’s just a weblog.

um. you know. photoshop? yeah.

10 thoughts on “power to the people!

  1. however, it’s not like having, say, a reporter from some real place just happen upon your protest. they’re on strike, they want their voices heard! by more than three people and 150 web bots.

  2. i made it myself. sort of. i copeid a fancy cursor from one of my sets of things but customized the color (pixel by pixel) for the three newest skins. because, you know, i … get crazy that way.

    i make all my little navigation arrows myself too – pixel by pixel. i like pixels.

  3. real graphic people, holieshit, you mean there are really real graphic people, I’m stunned. i was alway under the impression that any fool could move pixels around. so please excuse my ignoramousness. liz rocks….

  4. well anyone can, but which ones to move and where to move them from and to, that’s the tricky bit. i just recently figured out how to use the graphics program (and now regularly use actual photoshop because … can’t believe i’m saying this — i like it better. it’s just better. yes, that’s right, i … don’t hate photoshop.)

    it’s a cool breeze blowin’ offa hell, isn’t it?

  5. well, i do, sort of (work for an advertising agency) but there are real graphics people, i just do code.

  6. it’s a tedious, time-consuming (talk about your time sinks!) — because done badly they are a disaster but there is a perfect configuration in there that will make whatver, 16 x 16 pixels have depth and blended colors and … sigh. i’m done for now. hopefully.

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