quite mad, actually

and i asked dude next door who has the internet if i might borrow it a bit and he said no. can you imagine. pfft. doesn’t he know who i am?

my daughter’s not at work today no free internet there. i’ve already bugged mechele. weirdo noid of a neighbor. what in the name of colonel lionel p. tweezerfuck is going on here? exactly?

so i’m blogging in a notebook with a bad pen. by tomorrow i’ll be blogging from the daughterhouse on some free AOL while we wait for real internet oh yeah i will be online you betcha by golly walk like a bumfuck egyptian i will be oh hell i said oh hell oh wait i mean oh fuck yeah.

i have most emphatically lost it. if you find it do not panic ok panic but don’t make any sudden moves as you run for your lives it will be fine i am fine everything is just so fucking fine i could just

… oh you wish you knew what i could just do about it being so fucking fine don’t you? oh wait. no you don’t. i had you confused with someone else. my mistake. none of this is happening. we don’t exist we eat our time something something something cayenne ok look you are gonna haveta trust me on this one k? alrighty then. assume a name any name will do flee damn you flee the state country planet whatever hurry get gone like gone was on baby now (what you’re still here? fuuuuck.) go! before it’s too …

oh you wish. you wish you wished. i see how it is.
as you were


point of fact :: no capital letters were typed in the making of this entry. they are all span style text transform thingys.

2 thoughts on “quite mad, actually

  1. you sound great. i am not worried about you in the least.

    soon as i pay those bastards at amex i’ll send you another check. x’s and o’s —

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