synaptic plasticity is only a few milligrams away. i can feel it.

i was up all night studying the interplay of various alpha states & slow waves & gamma rays & the movement of dreams through open eyes, diligently recording my observations utilizing this revolutionary new method of visual note-taking i’ve developed, which has neuroscientists everywhere reaching nervously for the phone to call security and have me removed immediately. no not really. but it could happen. anything can.

ever sit up all night with your computer right next to another computer and the other computer is on the internet and the person sitting at it is playing oh i don’t know like bingo or something and this goes on hour after hour after hour and then on and and and … sitting inches from the internet with nothing but a few stray utterly disorderly brainwaves, three graphics programs and a couple of unremarkable photographs and … next thing i know this thing happened, i’m not quite sure how, …


… and after that, things started getting reallyreallyfuckingweird and by that i mean, you might not even wanna look. no really.

this isn't quite ... i want ... to change it ... must ... resist ...
that damn liquefy thing. oh my god the liquefy thing.

but seriously. i look at these things and feel uneasy like there’s no reason.

i’m fond of them personally and it was fun and yes, that would be a reason but i am not sure it would be enough of one. so i tend to toss that aside and think what the fuck and so forth.

which is neither an uncommon nor an unwarranted thought in this mind of mine, therefore, everything is fine

this is the first one:

this is the second one

this is that last one, in its original form:

which went through a dotty halftone phase before i went at it with photoshop’s version of crack that delightful liquefy toyfilter function thingdealy:

9 thoughts on “synaptic plasticity is only a few milligrams away. i can feel it.

  1. #1 made me think of david cronenberg’s “existenz”

    #2 made me think of tarkovsky’s solaris

    #3 makes me think of strange days

    by the way, i can’t get your under the fridge pic to go away. it’s like a demon that has possessed my computer. it’s become the startup image. help!

  2. you have my deepest sympathies, however once unimaginable horror gets its rancid, fetid tentacles in a computer, i am pretty sure there’s nothing that can be done. realize this is a new and unique lifeform, the first of a species whose sole purpose in existence is the conquest of this universe. it’s tenacious enough for itself and all the generations of frigerundercreatures to come.

    you should be honored it’s chosen your machine as a host. perhaps if you’re nice to it you will have a nice gig gathering refuse for the royal family. i hear the other opportunities are … decidedly less pleasant.

  3. in the first one? those are cigarette butts. i think. and there were way more candles but they were too bright so i kinda created my own most of the table out of bits of the rest of it and some effects and so forth. i should really post the original pictures of what those things were. huh.


  4. You are a creative fireball – hey – that made me think of this for some reason: have you heard of the lady who glues like millions and millions of tiny beads to picnic tables and other furniture and objects? She makes whole scenes out of them. It takes her months. She’s made it big with this stuff.

  5. ever seen my trash art? i do that on a small scale all the time with AOL & other CDs, nail polish, crazy glue, and garbage. some of them actually rather rock. here are a few of thm.

    people see things like bags of pointy shark pins and doll arms, they think of me.

    also, crazy glue and nail polish make an exceptionally strong polymer, nothing like it.

    also fumes.

    send me your address i’ll mail you some sparkly garbage. i do that sort of thing all the time.

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