the internet is twelve dollars an hour at kinkos

stress.related gastroenteritis all weekend.long bloody hell that is but well enough here sunday night walk a mile for a bit of internet interlude grinning most of the walk in this pleasant conspiracy with the night when was the last time you walked wide open to the night? places to go but nowhere to be particularly? yeah.

thank you dr. suzie

7 thoughts on “the internet is twelve dollars an hour at kinkos

  1. $12/hr? Out here it’s .40/minute! (I scanned some docs into PDF format yesterday, but they were so big I couldn’t transmit or save them; the Kinkos people comped me the whole bill, thank heaven).

  2. it’s 40� a minute here if you use the fancy computers with the big monitors. but i’m all about the economy model these days.

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