the last spider

… picture from the old house. it’s a fresh young spider, similar to that really alien-looking green guy, but kinda different too.

i am going to post these and disconnect (for reals this time). by the time i get hooked back up i’ll most likely delete this part of the entry, blushing furiously. it’s not that i’m not wearing any pants, that i have no problem with, it’s the self-indulgence it takes to fire up the graphics program and rasterbate for hours on my own image. that’s just so …. me.

i couldn’t decide which one i liked better. which is so … me.

this one • or • this one

(no thumbnails, since i would never presume to inflict my pantsless self on the unwilling.)

8 thoughts on “the last spider

  1. they’re both colorized. just differently. they’re both desaturated, and then the colored bits are added in, either oversaturated but semi-transparent versions of the original, or semi-transparent fills.

  2. i like the first one for color, but the eye on the second one is gorgeous. i can see where this is heading, hon. pretty soon, you’re gonna have one of those webcam sites that charges to let people watch you do your thing. you could find yourself a hot internet babe with money to burn in no time. :o] not that you’re not already a hot internet babe. it’s just the money thing… yeah, money.

  3. naah. not a camgirl. besides i’ve had cybersex with pretty much everyone who was on the internet back in the tequila webcam days, so why buy the milk when you can get the chicken to cross the road but you can’t make him drink?

  4. now the common cellar spider or “daddy longlegs” don’t bother me, it’s those fucking hairy ones with the huge mandibles and eyes that stick out, that like to pounce. it’s the aggressive ones. they also have a worse bite; the cellar spider bite is like a mosquito bite, it swells up a bit more but it’s basically just a bump; those other guys chew on you though, and leave a suppurating wound. eeeaaugghgh.

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