…and it’s starving to death

  • important note to self: battery life. that is all.
  • this is i think the second time i’ve remembered the HTML tags for making a list. before this i always had to fire up some lameass wysiwyg editor.
  • go fast. turn right.
  • um. oopsie.
  • it’s always on. and on sundays it goes round & round & round. hours on end.
  • there are waaaaaay too many versions of law & fucking order
  • it is just always on. i mean i personally do not own one & yet i am surrounded by the damn things it seems & they are just always on.
  • saving jessica lynch. it’s never not on.
  • can you hear me now? good. can you hear me now?
  • battery life. battery life. battery life. there’s no warning. there might be one it might be turned off or someshit i have no idea this is my first time with battery life.
  • it’s always on. it’s just always on.
  • it’s eaten my brain. i’m even boring myself.

3 thoughts on “…and it’s starving to death

  1. Ditto on the Law and Fucking Order.

    But uh… step away from the damn thing. Or conjure up a doohicky to run it on AC. That would solve the battery life issue, right? Oh wait, what are we talking about again?

  2. yeah, you’re not the only one sick of it. Me too. And Mott Cromby too.

    You ever go without it for months at a time? Easier than one might think.

  3. to clarify: it’s the tv that’s eating my brain & the new laptop that’s eating my mostly-typed blogentries due to sudden catastrophic oops there’s no more battery issues.

    & yes up till the having to move i went literally most of this year without it, being holed up in a separate room with the internet which is not a passive medium (even though it has similar addictive properties) & it’s been a shock being in a much more cramped environment & being unable to escape the constant constant television.

    aside: funny moment on simpsons, they’re watching TV and it’s “law & order: elevator inspectors unit” & the cops go all guns drawn into this elevator & one says “the light for the fifth floor is out” & the other one says “i think i’m gonna be sick”. i like, cracked up. guess you had to be there. (simpsons = small bright spot in otherwise stressful overtelevisioning)

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