for a little while i was not myself this morning. i was not who or what i am or have been i was simply the occupant of approximately one carlength worth of openroad & very very little else, i was energy singing innocuous popsongs including but not limited to very early madonna (pre-personal tranier era) which made me feel either very old or very young. i didn’t like those songs back then. i do now. i did however go through a ‘dress like madonna phase’. well, onstage anyway. and today there is this manic energy, this euphoric rage, alive somewhere in between laughter & homicide. on the surface it gives an appearance like focus, while inside it’s dancing to la isla bonita.

4 thoughts on “appearances

  1. ever post a comment to a wrong entry on your own site? it’s better that way actually since you yourself can then edit said incident of idiocy.

  2. I love those old madonna songs.
    My husband still listens pretty much only to fugazi, frank black, and late 80’s/early 90’s loud indie rock or hardcore. But whenver ‘la isla bonita’ comes on the radio or the muzak at Walgreen’s, I catch him singing along.

  3. Litte girl in SUV Mommy, why is that lady with th red hair making her car rock back and forth at the lights, is she sick?

    Mommy in SUV Yes dear just look away, its not polite to watch people singing along to madonna.

    little girl in SUV Mommy, the lady’s waving to you with one finger, can you pass the kfc over ?

    Mommy in SUV Here dear, oh good god theres a lugie in it…….

  4. aside: i have smoked approximately 2.25 cigarettes since this, not sure if this has made enough difference to keep small psychotic outbursts from invading perfectly normal thoughts, but hey. you know.

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