it was utterly lucid in the sense that i had control, however utterly symbolic as far as the choices i made.

i had the chance to change my life retroactive. reviewed everything real careful. decided i would move to the pacific northwest circa 1990 & like nirvana before they became popular.

5 thoughts on “do-over

  1. i have a better idea, since doing as you describe might earn you a spot in the king county MEatlocker with a toe tag that says “overdose”.

    move here retroactively in 1980, buy up massive controlling shares in microsoft, and when it goes “ding!” move to vashon island and become a llama farmer.

  2. ahh there we have part of the symbolism of the choice, the other part being 1990 is the year i met chris … so it’s a mixed metaphor (my dreams, even the lucid ones, are screwey that way).

    pretty sure i’m allergic to llamas.

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