dreams & suchforth

last night i dreamt of Fleishhacker Pool (i swam in that pool. it scared the fuck outta me. it was big and spooky with enormous pipe/drain-looking thingys to let in the seawater, and me afraid of drains. but swim in it i did. afraid & everything.) also i dreamt of putting these on the buick. which is more of a plan i was dreaming than anything else.
some stuff:
also: i wonder if he has to have his pants made special? ’cause dude’s got some huuuuuuuge ….
balls, man, balls

9 thoughts on “dreams & suchforth

  1. All I know is – swim away from the warm spots.

    In our neighborhood there was a community pool and it was known by all the young boys and I guess the girls too that a person could climb up on top of the wall seperating the boys’ room and the girls’ room and kind of slide between the rafters up there and look down into the other side.

  2. i have driven a ‘vette of that vintage, btw.

    they go faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. and they make this … this … sound.

    autoerotica. oh yeah.

  3. and Bobby? you just heard that rumor you didn’t actually go climb up and peek did you? that would be perverted.

    so how was it huh? details.

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