fire: it burns

on the outskirts of town (one helluva lot closer than i thought):

standing outside where i’m standing right now, looking at the hills:


non-fire related: the long road home, through the windshield filter:

5 thoughts on “fire: it burns

  1. I’m finding it quite exciting that you have landed somewhere lovely.

    Always thinking of you and thanking you for who you are.

    Great photos!

    It is hot outside today. Hot enough for a sleeveless and shorts and beach sandals.

    I wish I were buried in a snowbank in Utah sometimes but then I look at the ocean and say DAMN. This is tooo cool for a girl from the hood in Ohio.

  2. the tires have not yet fallen off the rims which are still attached to the axles … all of it seems to be holding out just fine, and money enough next week to replace (i think i’m going to adopt the tyres spelling it’s just that much cooler) the tyres and perhaps even keep Repo Man at bay.

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