my mind is a terrible thing

it started yesterday i was thinking of the 80’s as i so often do wondering things like when can i wear that cute peplum-waisted jacket again & this morning they played der kommissar & i thought hmm i think falco’s actually dead but the song lives on & on & then i was sitting working & there was this commentspammer bob & in the course of blacklisting bob i visited the comment spam clearing house attacking the spammer business model (yay!) which in turn led me to slashdot & so i was reading the comments & you know that self-parodying shit gets me every time which reminded me fondly of old 9622, the Thread that Launched its Own Website & somehow ended up reading the comments in a thread about having a personal theme song & they mentioned DER KOMMISSAR & then i personally subsequently ended up at the gas station getting a caramel drumstick & a litre of pepsi blue berry cola fusion instead of two bottles of diet vanilla coke & it’s hot out & i was eating the drumstick on the way back across the street & ice cold frozen chopped nuts were dropping into my cleavage.

3 thoughts on “my mind is a terrible thing

  1. [damn you quick draw dan…]

    i was about to say, there are worse things to have happen to one’s ice cold frozen chopped nuts. [such as, for instance, having them be ice cold, frozen, and chopped.]

    i get the same feeling about the 80’s from films like “grosse point blank”. i think some times i wish i was john cusack. actually, subtract about 60 pounds and i might be. [and then i start thinking about kickboxing…hmmm…]

    what is a “peplum waisted jacket”?

  2. Definition: \Pep”lum\, n.; pl. E. {-lumus}, L. {-la}. [L.]
    A peplos. Hence: An overskirt hanging like an ancient peplos;
    also, a short fitted skirt attached to a waist or coat.

    which isn’t quite what i meant, in more modern fashion it means a garment with a fitted bodice that flares out at the waist. it was also big in the 40’s. these things come & go, you know.

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