party on dude

ok so it’s this cool compaq notebook laptop whatever dealymathinger here & i’ve never actually touched a working laptop before so i’m a little bit in a new different whole wide wonderful world of whatthefuck as far as the way my fingers are configured to work keys & mice & things & sure i have regular old meeces & keyboards in my car but that would be cheating i’m having i’m feeling this need to get good at doing it this newdifferent way it seems the way of my future what with the portability & so forth. have i mentioned it’s on the internet? because it is. on the internet. my internet. mine.

(aside: my sincerest apologies to those of you on dialups i had no idea.)

but the fact that i have a cool working computer at my unskilled thus far fingertips & furthermore said cool computer is on the internet even slowly has me about way too happy like bursting into tears of flame happy. now i am well on my way to drunk for unrelated reasons having to do with my daughter & bloody mary mix & vodka & red plastic cups & kinko’s parking lot so this figuring out how to use this extrafancy mousepad (it is a scrollmousepad!) & the different keyboard entirely thingy what an adventure what a perfect perfect friday night.

7 thoughts on “party on dude

  1. i’ve grabbed the beer, i’ve adjusted my mindset from let’s go reallyreally fast to hey i’m on the internet the internet the … so what it’s slow it’s the internet it’s here where i am i don’t have to go anywhere i am on the internet baby the actual internet right here … (deep breath) wheeeeee!

  2. That’s it – with sub/v doing it and now you – I’m gonna start drinkin in parking lots!! Dammit.

    Yeah – right – like I didn’t already – like I need an excuse or role model to motivate me to drink.

    My sister called Saturday and I stood there getting steadily wasted, drank half pint of Jim Beam and three coffee cups full of red wine. I wonder if she noticed. Of couse she did. I wonder if she knew why I was drinking. Of course she did.

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