it feels like woodshavings innocent woodshavings when you step in it but it’s really termite poop. & the ocean is all fishpiss if you think about it, & if fish indeed piss. in any case every thing (& everyone) is made up of molecules that were at one point part of something that was once digested by some organism & subsequently passed out the assend of it. & i’m not even going to mention the monkey poop coffee.

everything, in other words, is shit.

10 thoughts on “shit.

  1. eh — i stepped in termite poop on the porch. it was either wax philosophical or hop around screeching eww! eww!

  2. p.s. everything was shit today for me too and I kept checking the calendar to see if it was monday but no it wasn’t. I think i might have stepped in termite poop, too, in my mind.

  3. ooh — i think that would be worse, because mental termites would poop brain shavings, which would be a lot gooier than woodshavings.

    um. eww.

  4. My god woman, you really do need to get laid don’t you.

    Wood chewing insects, what ever next.

    The other day in a bar, I heard one guy say to another you know drinking is good for you. Oh yeah, says the other guy. Yeah, ’cause drinking kills brain cells right?. yeah I guess so, so what? Well its natural selection at work, drinking kills off the weaker cells so you end up with just the good-uns, and then you become smarter, eh?


  5. thoughts are the intangible byproduducts of the chemical reactions in the brain. therefore thoughts are farts.

  6. don’t i know it. just managed to piss off a friend by an ill-considered remark. sagittarian hoof in mouth disease strikes again. and we all know what horsies walk in…their own poop…

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