the day i discovered the cure for asthma (naproxen sodium – aleve – over the counter)

wander past the computer into the kitchen and only then does it hit me, [never you mind what it was that hit me]. stand at the window eyeing the heavy sky realizing i can breathe as well as almost anyone for once without serious expensive prescription medical intervention and really there’s no reason. decide it will not last but will appreciate the respite while it does.

& so. since i have all the inspiration of an … uninspired thing, and the highest google ranking since the last time i had a high google ranking, i’ve decided to do what my friends in medicine & academia advised me to do about this discovery, that is, put some keywords in the page title & blog it.

prior to the day quoted above (several days after i’d begun taking prescription strength aleve for a toothache) i was debilitated by my asthma. would wake up gasping for breath & needed many blasts off the inhaler just to get getting air, & i would need the inhaler more or less constantly all day & still barely be able to negotiate a ‘normal’ life. the only thing that had helped was serevent, but loss of medical insurance made that $140/month inhaler out of budget, & i went back to being sick as hell all the time.

so the toothache faded & i stopped taking the naproxen & the breathing got worse. being analytical by nature i looked back & realized the only thing i’d done different those breathing days was to take naproxen.

i started taking the naproxen again. one in the morning one at night 1,000mg per day. i started being able to breathe again.

i ran out of prescription strength & started taking over the counter generic aleve, and i googled to see if this was known anywhere, all i found was warnings about naproxen being bad for asthmatics with sensitivity to aspirin & other … n-saids? but i have no such sensitivities.

now let me tell you the weirdest part. even on expensive serevent, i was still subject to my worst symptom trigger — that is, getting somewhere & finding i was without my inhaler. instant acute attack, severe symptoms, panic. on aleve, i go days not even knowing where my inhaler is. discovering i’ve forgotten it happens more often than discovering i’ve remembered it, & it just doesn’t matter anymore. i mean, i have as close to zero symptoms as i have ever had in my entire life right now, however it should be noted i also have (sort of inadvertently it just happened) cut down smoking to approx. 1 pack a week, before the cutting down i did still have the occasional symptom. occasional.

disclaimer: i may be a medical freak. this isn’t a scientific study. i do know for sure it’s the aleve i’ve experimented again & again. one doctor said it makes sense there is a smooth muscle relaxant in naproxen sodium, that’s the most medically scientific i can get for you. try at own risk i’m not a doctor i’m a web designer.

i currently take 440mg morning, and 440mg before bed, that’s double the recommended overthecounter dosage. i take it with food in my stomach & with a full glass of water & have no gastric side effects however i have one of those castiron type stomachs, ymmv.

today? i have no idea where i left my inhaler. and i don’t use prescription inhalers anymore, a basic primatene will do & it lasts forever, months & months. i live like a person with mild almost nonexistent asthma. this is utterly fucking miraculous in case i haven’t mentioned that.

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  1. Wow, you will have to re badge it and sell it under the lizutame brand, or maybe, inhaleliz….You saw it here first folks. The making of a millionairess, the anti asthma queen lizzy.

    Blessed be. BFG

  2. yeah, but i just gave it away free. being able to breathe shouldn’t cost huge sums of money (like $140/month for instance).

  3. Well first there’s oprah, then Dr phil, then the tonight show, and then the ‘divorced and looking” show, and then survivor LA zoo, award ceremony at cornell U for the discovery of the century, and finally “You’re breathing with Liz” (a fun show where previous asthmatics take turns running over old inhalers with an ex policecar from the blues brothers.)

    Lizercise, exercise video and DVD for the previously house bound.


  4. or of course the lawsuits from people who can’t read disclaimers & don’t know an n-said from navel lint, which they collect, along with huge settlements for doing stupid shit. and then there are the people claiming their teenagers started worshipping satan after i turned them into nonprescription drug addicts, and then oprah would interview me in whatever jail i end up in for prescribing nonprescription drugs without a license.

  5. Sure, but hey you would be famous, or should i say more famous than now cause you are famous on the net, just ask google. hell they make movies about anything these days, the lizards rise and fall, the sorry tail of a reptile who breathed free, only to be jail for showing others how. or. dr liz a bouyant story of freedom and new tyres, set in holywood texas, the part of liz played by pamela anderson and a red wig. the wig gets actaim and a new range of dodge colours are issued in 2005, the dodge reptuna has to be recalled due to a disturbing tendancy to eat uniroyal tyres… dodge spokewoman julianna chrome said its all down to that evil woman liz, every one wanted to have tyres as an experimant in physics. liz was unavaliable for comment as the cuban terrorist incarsoration facility is off limits to the press.the organisation doctors with out fronteirs have taken on the fight to free liz, and to show support all wear red/orange hair. government spokesman wade pillpopper was heard saying it will be a dark day in hell before we release the terroist who filled our schools with bright children who wanted to learn. pharmac relabels antiasthma medication in red and orange boxes, sales soar.

    pope declares liz a saint, due to the miracle of breath.

    there you go some thoughts that popped in to my head.

    i’m always looking for material for stories…

    blessed be BFG

  6. I am convinced that all kinds of prescriptions are unnecessary – doled out because the docs get huge kickbacks and the drug companies want to keep making billions.
    D was on about 8 different meds. OK – she is relatively health and 33, OK? Isn’t that insane? Her doc had her on glucophage, blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, Paxil, that stomach “acid reflex” stuff, Xanax, Ambien, a liver pill to protect her liver from being damaged FROM ALL THE OTHER SHIT, and I think something else.
    A couple of months ago – she quit taking ALL of them (except her birth control) and she feels MUCH better. She is borderline Type II diabetic – but moderate exercise controls that, as well as any concerns about the blood pressure and cholesterol and all that. There was no reason for her to be on anti-depressants or sleeping pills. All it would have took was her doc listening to her and suggesting a few simple lifestyle changes. God, we were spending like $250 a month on all that WITH insurance. So I’m sure the drug companies were probably making a couple grand per month off her.
    Now we don’t take hardly any prescription meds ever (she has birth control, like I said – but that is just hormones.) Once in a while one of us may take a Xanax, muscle relaxer, or Vicodin (I have a chronic degenerative joint discorder – but only resort to the Vic maybe one pill every 6 weeks.)
    You know what the secret to clear skin is? Epsom Salt baths and Witch Hazel. I swear . . .two dirt cheap things found in any drugstore will out do tens of thousands of dollars in dermatology.

  7. wow, i didn’t see this, it got lost in the spam. funny you should ask, yes, i have been. i have good insurance and can get the Advair, but i hadn’t bothered to go get any because i was going through another round of bad teeth (i do not have good dental, so … this happens from time to time), and was amazed at how much difference it made.

    apparently it can cause gastric upset if used regularly, but i’ve never had a problem with it.

  8. i thought i was crazy… last year at age 47 i was gasping for breath in the cold winter air ( asthma) i was started taking aleve after this episode for headaches and it alleviated my cold air attacks… yes aleve , for some miracle, works..

  9. @Rae, no, aspirin does not bother my asthma, all nSaids work fine for me. Aleve, however, with its anti-inflammatory side effects, actually makes a big difference in my asthma.

    @athena — glad to hear I’m not the only one. It’s a huge difference, I remember it just being the weirdest thing, waking up not gasping for breath.

  10. it is great! I started to have asthma since last year due to allergy, even I use some steroid inhaler recently, I still have coughing. I had stomach cramp 2 days ago since I have heavy period, I took aleve 1tab/day for 2 days for the pain, but I found I do not cough anymore. I am think it could be aleve relieive my asthma. I searched online “aleve and asthma” and found here! WoW, amazing! I guess I can use aleve to control my asthma instead of my steroid inhaler…

  11. Have you had any heart problems or any bad side effects bleeding disorders etc. while on Aleve? I’m interested intrying it, I’m just wondering if the “medical” sites aren’t try to scare people away from it.

  12. I have not, but I know that’s one of the dangers (having a sudden G.I. bleed). I usually take it with food, and I often forget to take it so it’s not every day. It really does still help, even 8 years later. I don’t know what the incidence of serious side effects is, but I do rather expect that pharmaceutical companies who have super-expensive patent medicines like Advair ($300+ for a one month inhaler) would try to keep doctors convinced that the expensive stuff is the only way to go.

    Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory, so that’s why it eases some asthma symptoms I think.

  13. My husband, a long-term asthma sufferer, began taking Naproxyn (OTC strength) for an inflamed muscle in his neck. He immediately noticed his breathing improved. He isn’t using his broncho-dilator nearly so often. I thought I’d get on here to see if anyone else had had the same experience and wow!! I found that others have, too. What a wonderful discovery!

  14. Until last Year, I had never once in my life had a sinus infection or any asthma problems, even though all my siblings had or still have terrible asthma. I started taking Naproxen when I was 7 for my arthritis, but had to stop last January, due to it giving me stomach problems. I have since had four sinus infections, and multiple bouts of asthma flare ups. All my doctors look at me like I’m crazy when I suggest my breathing problems are due to the lack of Naproxen. I’m on Celebrex now, another NSAID, but it doesn’t help my asthma symptoms.

  15. So I realized that a symptom of my asthma was throat tightness more than chest tightness. After googling the symptom i discovered that my throat may just be inflammed. “What has anti-inflammatory stuff in it?” i asked myself. dug into my backpack and pulled out aleve. did another google search for asthma + aleve and this was the first page. Aleve does seem to work.

  16. Mhhh! I just realize I am ashtmatic, I am 49 years old, each time I feel bad I take a “Flanax” and I feel much better. I remember that since many years ago up to now, each time I feel sick (always tought it was a kind of inflammation) I have unconsiously had naproxen during this time to feel fine. may be naproxen is a good drug after all.

  17. I started taking Aleve twice a day and low and behold in about 45 minutes the tightness in my chest and trouble breathing ends. I’ve been doing this for about 4 months. On occasion I take a whiff of my inhaler before I go to sleep and I’m able to sleep through the night without coughing. Before I had the ihaler and Alleve I didn’t sleep for 8 months because the minute I laid down the cough would start and the only way it would stop is when I sat up. I was so tired and was at my witts end. I feel that it’s under control now, I don’t know why I’m better with the Aleve but I do know it helps. ps. I’m not a medical person, just a person who should bu stock in Aleve.

  18. Funny thing. I thought that Naproxen only worked this way on me like I was a freak. I am so glad to have found this article. Naproxen helps my asthma too! I can breath so much better with it and don’t depend on an inhaler anywhere near as much when I take it. Thanks for writing this to make others aware.

  19. I’m on the same boat. After having the Flu 14 months ago I have been battling asthma daily. At night I can here my lungs crackling. I used inhalers daily. I tried singulair but it made me gain too much weight. I tried to stop but the breathing sucked. I noticed that when I took naproxen to ward off an expected hangover I slept like a baby. So I did a trial over the last toe days. I have yet to need my albuterol inhaler. That’s when I googled “naproxen stopped my asthma”.

    It’s great to see others have found thus perfect remedy.

  20. Asthma was getting so bad the past few years thought I was getting emphysema. I was using an albuterol nebulizer every few hours every day plus my albuterol inhaler every few hours as well. I Had been taking serevent almost 20 yrs. and while it worked well for many years, in the last few years it has caused my asthma to get progressively worse. I only discovered this because things were getting so bad I did not know what else to do so I decided to try stopping the serevent and within a week I started to feel better. I then read this site and about Aleve helping asthma and it rang true with me because I noticed a correlation between fewer asthma symptoms when I was taking ibuprofen so I started taking 2 aleve every 12 hours now my lungs are healing and I only need to take my albuterol inhaler a few times a day. Doctors are narrow minded and will not believe you if you tell them that this works but I really don’t care what they think. It definitely without a doubt works and that’s all that matters but if you’re taking Serevent just be careful, it might work at first for many years but be aware it can eventually cause asthma to get worse. This is the first time I’ve been able to breathe well in years and I’m so relieved.

  21. I have horrible fall allergies and this year is particularly bad. I’ve been sucking on an inhaler every 2 hours and taking zyrtec which use to work for me. It occurred to me that Aleve has always been a wonder drug for me and why not try it to bring down the swelling in my lungs. I decided to google it and found this! I just popped two and I’m excited to see if it works!!

  22. wow.. I’ve had horrible asthma for 27 years, came on after my first pregnancy…and has been horrible ever since… to the point some days I would lose my breath just walking from my parking lot to office and stairs give me anxiety, can’t do them at all. I had a headache a few days ago and took an aleve to help and noticed the asthma was better, have been taking for a week now and asthma symptoms are almost gone. I’ve also been able to wean myself from prednisone after 3 years of taking it after sinus surgery. I would get to 5mg of prednisone and then the asthma would flare again. Doc decided to keep me at 5mg – 10 mg a day since. Taking the Aleve hasn’t bothered my stomach and I hope it doesn’t . Googled this because I wanted to see if there was anybody out there with same experience.. wow! glad to have found this!

  23. While there have been more health warnings in the time between the original post and now, I can say that my experience as a test subject doesn’t seem to show any lasting ill-effects. I don’t take Aleve daily anymore, my lungs got much worse over the years and now I rely on inhaled glucocorticoid — the stuff in Advair, only now you can buy it as a nasal spray called Flonase. Well, if you inhale deeply enough it’s a lung spray too. And it’s cheap, over the counter $22 for 120 sprays, that’s way cheap when you consider what Advair costs. Of course, Advair also has a long-acting bronchodilator, but to be able to get the same anti-inflammatory medicine as what’s in that $400 inhaler for twenty bucks is pretty awesome.

    I’ve pretty much progressed to COPD at this point but still able to get by on an albuterol inhaler and various over-the-counter things. Oh, and Red Reishi mushrooms! Also amazing.

    I should update this post with more info. Well, I’m going to talk about the breathing in the blog more now, so … just gotta keep this information out there. It’s one of those things that no doctor would tell you to do, and probably isn’t the best thing for you BUT all that considered, to me, the choice that involves being able to breathe is always the most attractive of the alternatives.

  24. You may just be a “breath of fresh air”… lol excuse me that was terrible… i just popped one and awaiting the relief… i have spent years researching non-prescription remedies… granted that this works… I’ll gladly shout your name from the mountain tops… citrus aurantium appears promising as well but this is definitely interesting… i was looking at the beta adrenal receptors
    The whole time… neglecting antiinflammatories. This is simple. Thank you

  25. One day I had ran out of my inhaler. I found myself having a terrible asthma attack where I was rolling on the ground thinking that I was going to die. A friend offered me a naproxen and told me it might help due to the anti inflammatory properties. 15 minutes later I felt as good as new.
    It works.
    Weird thing is that the first Google results that I saw when I just looked into it seemed to be offering a warning against using it if you have asthma ( it actually said that naproxen wasn’t dangerous but if you were just skimming for information you may assume that it was bad by reading the header)
    And it definitely didn’t give any articles saying that naproxen helped until I saw your article.
    Anyways, anyone with asthma should at the least keep a couple naproxen around. It worked for me basically as a slower version of a rescue inhaler, it doesn’t work immediately but takes 10 minutes or so. Taking it in the morning and in the evening seems like good preventative advice.
    Thanks for writing this article.

  26. Hello,
    Funny how an Asthma reliever while for me it did the
    opposite. It caused mild to moderate exacerbations. I took an Aleeve – Naproxen
    OTC 1 a day almost 3 yrs. Since then my coughing became more common .
    It was episodic. Would be relieved with my inhalers . Then later on . symptoms got worse.
    Saw 2 pulmonlogists and an allergist. But none suspected the. Naproxen as the
    culprit. Last week I finally tried it off. After 24 hours I felt my breathing was 50 better
    though I was coughing on and off. Progressively better…Thank God!! I thought I was
    never gonna improve.

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