this is the beer that made mel famey walk us

hello, we are large effusive crotchsniffing dogs with matching seasonally-hued bandanas:

there was an escape, which involved beer:

here we have some fire, & a pinto:

egotism & hero worship can be expressed in many ways:

7 thoughts on “this is the beer that made mel famey walk us

  1. you probably can. i probably shouldn’t. i’m not skinny & also i have had four full term pregnancies involving getting very very fat each time. & still i persist with the short shirts & the low pants. mostly ’cause i have a couple little freckles just south of my navel that are cute enough to make up for the … maybe it isn’t. but i honestly don’t care.

  2. ’tis the daughterperson’s favorite. she was supposed to buy it but she “forgot her atm card”. “again”. which is fine, she’s entitled, i was more than happy to oblige. & help her drink it while we wandered around the neighborhood.

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