who would feed a cat potatoes?

extra gravity

my son talks to himself. well, he just talks, whether or not it’s directed anywhere is … he talks, ok? and if you tell him to shush, like he’s been chattering for hours you really mean it shush he — he just switches to ASL.

i love my son’s school, oh you have no idea how much.

this wasn’t at all an easy photoshopping:

none of this explains …

the cat actually eating the potatoes

5 thoughts on “who would feed a cat potatoes?

  1. this is why i am a catperson indelibly indebted to the aleve people for making me a catperson who can survive the asthmatic properties of catdander. good heavens, it’s a miracle & i can pet all the kitties i wanna pet now, thanks to the folks who make generic naproxen sodium available over the coutner.

  2. because cats are just fucking weird. i’m not sure i made that clear enough in the above, my point being, kitties are freaks & i dig freaks being a freak myself & so therefore … i’ve been drinking have i mentioned that?

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