another little something from the vaults

which eventually will help serve to illustrate something in an entirely different light, when the time’s right & the words occur.
� � � � � � � � � � � �
something touched me spoke to me passed through me ghostly, something, maybe in music i’ve been living in lately maybe something less substantive, something blended in my blood a byproduct of breathing in this chilled air (why is it cold everywhere i go?) something like a future regret anticipated perhaps a fleeting feeling foreshadowed maybe, an eventual sadness that will of course happen in passing, something suggesting that i will miss this when i let it go.

if this sounds vague mild bland well then i’ve missed my mark. it’s an overwhelming thing, maybe the most intense thing of all things in the past, it will be something, this feeling i think i’ll feel. it will be the thing that completes my past, come to think of it. and i’m not sure if it should or could be different but it has me all wishful wistful wondering if there’s any way to change it if it’s too late or if it has always been an impossible thing.

i think it could be different / i don’t think it will be / i can’t tell you why.

� � � � � � � � � � � �
i was right / i was wrong / i will soon

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