exhibit d: for daffodil

never underestimate the power of an audience.

showed up at my kid’s school with my new neon coiffure & came away glowing at the sensation, from the double takes to the kid who actually came up & had to touch the hair, to the kid in the maybe third grade sporting full leather who admired both the hair & the shoes, showing me his own docs & asking if i had any that high (10i from the looks of it) & i had to say no, but i have some 8i’s at home. & the kids from the bus yelled from the windows & i waved & by then the day had turned all the way around & reminded me …

[sometimes exhibitionism means a different sort of shameless]

flasback: when i was fifteen i was an exhibition square dancer. this may be a little different than the downhome hoedown the words square dancing might conjure in your mind. think satin & sequined halter dresses with the shortest possible poufy skirts & (yes we put our asses out there when we danced) elaborately choreographed routines involving much-practiced lifts & spins & gravity definitely got a workout when we danced.

now i was then as i am now, not a tiny girl. at one hundred thirty whatever, i was a bit of a challenge at times to my partner. we had a performance scheduled at the oakland auditorium, in front of a convention sized crowd, & were performing a brand new routine in brand new satin outfits in front of six thousand people. the routine went off flawlessly, nervously but flawlessly, we were breathtaking i assure you, although you had to be there & you were not so you will have to take my words. & at the finale, we were lined up in a row, twelve couples one by one doing the “bottoms up” lift which involved the girl kicking up under her partner’s arm, coming to rest with her hip on his hip & one leg pointed perfect at the ceiling, the other bent. my parner & my fat ass were first, meaning he had to hold me there for a full sixty four counts. & as we did our lifts we revealed, yes our asses, & written across them on our not-at-all substantial matching knickers, the name of our group (the stardettes, with a star on each end).

the standing ovation lasted all sixty four counts as the applause & the voices saying ‘woo’ & things of that nature swelled in volume & according to my partner i did not weigh anything at all at that point in time. gravity didn’t stand a chance.

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  1. did ya get pictures? 🙂

    i thought you were against making people share their email address? eh, if not that way sorry. email me and let me know what is your situation and schedule etcetera ok? thanks

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