friday or something just like friday. thursday, for instance.

i have to clean my car. this is no ordinary carcleaning there is & has been enough shit in the car that it sits a couple inches lower on its wheels, for months. i’ve had to dig through it on many occasions. beverages have been spilled. the trunk has leaked. there are … smells. lifeforms, the kind that smell, are in there somewhere. waiting with something like sinister patience or maybe mindless malevolence it doesn’t really make a difference i am ready to confront my unreadiness.

i am ready for christmas (it helps when you’re not doing anything for christmas except muttering under your breath & committing random acts of justifiable rudeness i mean fuck christmas) what i am not ready for is friday. i have been waiting for friday for my whole entire life and never been anywhere near ready until very recently, so i’ll consider just having a reeking pile of refuse in my car that requires removal prior to friday to be incredible progress. and so will you. there you go.

and friday may or not be a metaphor. it certainly isn’t etched in granite at this point or even printed on a plane ticket yet it might even be more of an indeterminate moment chosen randomly by open road things change you know they do they change i love that about things.

cleaning my car may or may not also be a metaphor, although if it is it is a very very fucking literal metaphor.

4 thoughts on “friday or something just like friday. thursday, for instance.

  1. here’s to Friday, and yes, i’m glad things change, too. sometimes i don’t want them to but imagine the world we’d have if they didn’t. or don’t imagine it, it’s too scary.

  2. i’m not ready to say exactly what changes friday or something just like friday will bring, just yet, at least not outloud. i whisper them to myself from time to time with a small smile playing across my face trying & failing to hide the light in my eyes.

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