i don’t have a problem i could quit anytime

so remember in jurassic park when jeff goldblum says “life finds a way” (& then it turned out somebody used frog dna & sure enough, a butterfly farted in tiannanman square & so forth, right?) riiiight. anyway.

i find a way.

notice the modem perched from the three inch long phonecord. notice the hairbrush holding up the upside down plug because that’s the only way i can have the modem & the puter both plugged in (it was complicated, okay?)

reptiles don’t need frog dna. we just find a way.

5 thoughts on “i don’t have a problem i could quit anytime

  1. since the last time i was here, my dad finally got broadband. within 36hrs of me being here, i got him to install a wireless router. to increase the convenience of his home network of course. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. i must be the only welfare recipient with three computers and broadband. can’t pay the rent but dammit, the internet is a necessity.

  3. anonymously, i have one thing to say: rock the fuck on. the internet is not a luxury. computers are not a luxury. the digital divide is real, and as technology advances the distance between the techie-haves & the techie-have-nots grows. those without access to the wealth of knowledge available on the internet are a different kind of poor.

  4. anonymous damn skippy rock the fuck on and reptile girl definately rocks the fuck on by keeping it real. I was laughing my ass off. shit I am a fire hazard just sitting here. but it don’t matter damn straight. take away my grovey zeros and ones and i split in half. I am soo not worthy though.

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